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Who are the angels?

Angels are literal messengers of God. Their name means messenger (ang-) of God (-el). Since their messages come from the pure and loving heart of God, their guidance is egoless and always inspiring and insightful. Their presence seems to immediately lift the energy in any space. I have found also that people who talk to their angels are very cheerful and nurturing.

God and the angels see us from a place of unconditional love no matter how we or others see us. We often judge ourselves through the ego which only perceives our limits and shortcomings. Everyone has angels no matter that kind of choices they make. God’s unconditional love and his messengers are with everyone for all time.

Angel readings are very positive experiences in their counsel and interaction. For me, it is one of the most inspiring opportunities to serve as a channel of communication between a person and their angels. Inviting the angels into your life by simply asking for their help, having an angel reading, or simply thinking, “Angels!” will automatically shift your feeling vibration into “good vibrations”! They are like your pep squad standing close by always, who are delighted and excited to lend you a hand when you give them permission to intervene with a simple call for help.

The reason the angels are unable to pitch in without your call for help is because of the law of freewill. This basically means you must ask for their assistance or they will be unable to respond except send loving thoughts and vibration to support you until you ask. There is one exception to this rule. They can intervene if your life is in mortal danger before your appointed time to go.

The angels’ attention for a reading is generally placed on where you are right now. The outcome of the future is the result of the action you choose in the present. So this means that your future can change based on how you address the present. It is one reason why they do not really like to make predictions, because each moment is filled with opportunities for you to create a favorable future.

Private Sessions

Angel Readings via phone $135 (60 minutes)


During this session, you will be able to receive loving guidance from your angelic team. You can discover who are your guardian angels and other guides, such as Ascended Masters, Fae (also known as fairies), and deceased loved ones that may be with you or assisting at this time. The client may also receive angel healings that clear blocked energy or entities that may be hanging around in one’s energy field so that loving, vibrant, and supportive energy can be accessed. The angels are open to all your concerns and questions to help you find peace and joy.

Angel readings may also incorporate Angel Oracle Cards by Dr. Doreen Virtue, including her Angel Tarot Cards, and other Traditional Tarot decks. For the traditional tarot decks, I mainly use the Golden Tarot by Kat Black ( ) and Legacy Tarot ( ) by Ciro Marchetti.

Angel Reading (1st time reading promotional offer) $103

Angel Reading (30 minutes) $77

Angel Reading via email (1 question) $45

Angel Reading Price Options

Angel Reading (1st time reading promotional offer)

Angel Coaching Sessions:
“Divine Roadmap” $ 101 (45 minutes) each session


These 10 sessions are designed to help you navigate the divine roadmap of your soul’s truth and purpose. Each of us has an internal GPS (God’s Positioning System) from the universe that is accurately knowing and understanding what your soul’s deepest desire is and the precise route you need to take in order for you to achieve the highest level of possibility for you at this time. Even though we often misread the signs, this GPS of Divine Consciousness is always recalculating from wherever we end up aligning us with our truth and our life’s path. In these sessions, you will learn to read the various signs on the road of your life. There are clearly marked signs, symbols, and landmarks that come from the angels to encourage you along the way. The most important tool is the light of guidance within your heart steering you towards the experiences of purpose and joy perfectly fashioned from the purest desire of your divinity.

You will learn profound meditation practices to assist you in grounding, balancing and expanding your chakras to sustain higher frequencies of communication and provide support for your Hara connection. These and other clearing techniques will strengthen and clarify your guidance giving you greater confidence in receiving and trusting the information from your angelic team. We will identify limiting beliefs that are creating blocks in those areas of your life that have become stagnant and teach you walk fearlessly through them, without creating further resistance, while embracing the truth of who you are. Most importantly, you will learn to walk the path of love as you honor your soul’s truth and the truth of others around you unconditionally. Any area of concern for you can be the focus of these 10 week sessions.

10 Sessions: Payment plan: 1 full payment of $ 909 (10% savings) 1 Free session

2 payments of $505

3 payments of $336

Payment Plan for Angel Coaching Sessions

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What to prepare before the reading:

Think about the answers you have been seeking and prepare your questions ahead of the session. You may send them to me, as I tend to start connecting with you and your angels before the session. If you have a question about someone else, please include their name. However, I cannot receive information about someone else if their soul does not consent.

On the day of session, quiet your mind. Set an intention of allowing and keep your heart open to receiving information that is for your best and highest good. Ask your angels to assist you in aligning with your pure intentions for the reading. Also, you may want to take notes during or after the session, so have paper and pencil handy. I would also suggest keeping water nearby and drinking more water days before the session.

Office Hours/Payment/Cancellation Information

My office hours are Monday through Friday from 12 noon to 6 PM EST. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days after purchasing a session to schedule an appointment. Appointments are only scheduled after the payment has been received. They are given in the order I receive them. No appointments will be discussed or promised before the payment is processed in fairness to clients who have purchased a reading.

After your payment is received, you will receive an email confirming your payment amount, along with the information needed to set up an appointment for your angel reading. Again, please allow up to a week for scheduling an appointment based on availability. Once your payment is received, you will be contacted within a week, or less, by email with your appointment time and date. Make sure you check your spam, in case, you don’t receive it. Also, make sure to check the email you entered with your PayPal account. I will use this email to contact you.

There are no refunds for cancellations. A credit will be given and you may reschedule a reading for another time.

Angel Readings are conducted by phone or via Skype voice call.

Please note: None of the information or material supplied here or in your Healings, Readings or Treatments is intended to be a substitute for medical care. If you are dealing with any sort of medical or emotional disorder, are undergoing psychotherapy, are experiencing seizures, or have any other neurological or respiratory disease, we suggest that you consult your physician or therapist and use the information, interviews, books etc… under their supervision. I do not assume responsibility for the improper use of materials provided here.