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About Us


About Berry Jones


Berry Jones is an ANGEL THERAPIST® certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, a spiritual Teacher, healer, and clairvoyant who works with God (the Arch Archangel of Love), the Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters to empower others through the power of love. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, he has currently been living in Manhattan since 1993, and in the State of New York since 1989, holds a Bachelors and Masters of Music degrees in Vocal Performance from two world leading and renowned conservatories of Music: the Eastman School of Music (1993) and Manhattan School (1995).

Additionally, he is certified as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Healer by Kim Seer, completed Telepathic Energy Healing and Tuning with Deena Zalkind Spear, a Reiki Master Practitioner under the Usui Tradition, and is an Intuitive Crystal Healer. As a spiritual teacher and healer he is constantly working with others to unveil their own innate healing abilities and gifts. His passion is teaching about the miraculous healing power of unconditional love, in order to support and empower all souls, through it, to receive and multiply the effects of peace in their lives and throughout the world.

Berry formerly worked as music educator and taught music and writing to Pre-K through Eighth Grade students in a private school for 15 years, and has collaborated with The Harlem School of the Arts and the Saint Luke’s Orchestra Arts Education Division. He also has instructed classes and workshops for teachers and students to demonstrate how to enhance literacy through the integration of the musical arts. His latest project is authoring a spiritual book.

Who we are

The Angel School was established July 2006. The story of how the name of the school was chosen is brief and interesting. Berry had made a list of names. While asking the angels aloud for a sign, as he read each potential name, there was a loud knock on the window of his bedroom window on the 5th floor. Living in this apartment for 19 years, so far, this was the first and last time to date.

Who are we? We are a “voice” of remembering for the each soul we encounter. We offer opportunities for solitude and communion with your divinity and authentic purpose as revealed through your team of angels. We offer private readings and healings with God’s messengers, the angels, and also workshops.

Currently, we are working on expanding services allowing you to find a deeper spiritual connection during these times of uncertainty and change in our world. We are now utilizing other resources of technology for you to stay in touch with us and nurture your spirit. You may now find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Word Press Blog. You will be able to read inspired angel messages and find out events and other important news on Facebook, Twitter, and Word Press, and even watch angel readings videos and more to guide you each week on YouTube.

In the near future, we hope to bring you more exciting services such as other energy healing modalities (e.g. crystal healings, medical intuitive healing), and voice training for those seeking healing through discovery of expressing their “true voice”. Also, we are making use of webinars to hold group meditations, classes, and workshops for further psycho-spiritual development. The potential for the future in years to come are endless and the dreams are great. For now, each step we take forward, we listen to the daily loving guidance from God’s messengers of inspiration and faith, one day at a time, one step at time!

We hope these services will enrich your soul and those who are privileged to share in your new found joy and love with God, life, and soul.

Our Mission

The mission of The Angel School is precise and brief as it came to Berry since he was an early child, in his heart, “My purpose to help people”. At first, it was a feeling and knowing of desire towards people. Later, it manifested as action as can be seen in his chosen professions.

The Angel School’s desire is to help each soul to recognize its joy and freedom through “remembering who you are”. Through the healing power of unconditional love, we allow ourselves and others freedom to express and experience joy, love, peace, health, prosperity, success, and abundance on all levels of our lives. Who are we, truly? Holy divine matter and energy, wholly connected and interconnected consciousness of the divine web of all live, physical and nonphysical Source expressed and experienced as created, creation, and creator whose purpose and desire is to channel joy and love from God’s own heart essence.

We aim to “help” each soul fulfill this desire, in each area of life, one soul at time, one day at time, and one step at a time, whenever and wherever; we are given the divine commission.